August 25, 2022
What Does The Log Book Service Include
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We all love our cars, especially if they are new ones. As responsible citizens, we should take care of our cars right from the time of their purchase. There is a common misconception that new cars don’t require servicing. However, contrary to this popular belief, every vehicle requires an exemplary log book service to give you an idea about the vehicle’s condition. A good logbook record will also improve the resale value of your vehicle. In this blog, we will talk about log book services and will also understand What does the log book service include. But, let us first understand what logbook service is:

What’s a log book service?

A car logbook service is a preventative approach to automotive maintenance in which frequent inspections and minor repairs keep your vehicle operating smoothly and effectively.

It can help prevent minor problems from escalating into more significant difficulties that are costly to address. A logbook service covers everything:

  • Checking the serpentine belts
  • Changing brake pads
  • Testing the shock absorbers
  • Adding transmission fluid

The actual actions performed in each log book service are meticulously planned at particular intervals to keep your automobile running at peak performance. It is a routine service performed under the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and documented in a log book.

Every car, especially commercial vehicles, comes with a log book. A car log book service includes examining, repairing, and changing fluids and parts at the manufacturer’s specified intervals to keep the automobile running effectively and smoothly. For this reason, it enables you and the auto mechanic to know where to look while servicing.

A vehicle logbook is a handbook the manufacturer provides information on the vehicle.

It offers precise rules that assist a mechanic through each service period. A logbook service requires a stamp on the logbook to confirm servicing by a repair or service center.

So, let us now understand what the log book service includes:

What’s included in a log book service?

What's included in a log book service

The manufacturer issues a ‘Log Book’ to every automobile and to most commercial vehicles for recording your regular car log book services. Keep the log book in your jacket pocket as a guide and note any facts.

Engine oil and filter replacement – The friction produced in the vehicle by regular usage eventually becomes the cause of engine damage. This eventually disrupts the smooth functioning of a vehicle. Thus the engine oil and oil pipes need regular replacement to remove the accumulated muck.

Brake Inspection And Wheel Alignment – The brakes are an essential vehicle component. Brakes ensure safety and prevent accidental injury. In most cases, a brake examination entails inspecting the complete braking system, including the brake pedal, brake assemblies, brake liquid, brake lines, and hoses. Wheel alignment check is necessary to avoid screeching tires and shaky steering while driving.

Examine And Modify The Steering Wheel – The steering wheel requires extensive evaluation and thought. It must be examined and replaced regularly to comply with safety rules and avoid catastrophes.

Fluid Level Check – To ensure a vehicle’s proper operation, fluid levels should be checked regularly. There are a few essential liquids that keep a vehicle operating smoothly.

Tire Pressure Testing – Deflated tires are useless since they reduce a vehicle’s performance. Tire pressure checks are critical since they ensure the comfort and security of automobile riders.

A logbook service helps in the early detection of defects which works as a lifesaver for the car. It helps a technician understand the work better, understands flaws, and saves a lot of time and money. Also, every Logbook service is documented in the log book.

What is Log Book Maintenance?

The maintenance and management logbook, an essential co-ownership document, is essentially a record detailing the history of the vehicle as well as registration of all operations previously performed or planned. It improves the resale market desirability of a vehicle.

The logbook maintains track of all reach maintenance and equipment repairs. A maintenance record can establish when and which maintenance plan is necessary for a particular vehicle. This helps to avoid asset breakdown and minimizes the cost of repair.

Making a car maintenance folder and keeping it with your other critical paperwork is one of the simplest methods to ensure you keep accurate records. Your maintenance receipts must be labeled and placed in an envelope in your glove compartment.

What’s The Difference Between Log Book Service and Basic Service?

So, what does log book service include? People often consider the car Logbook services and essential services to be the same. But contrary to this popular belief, essential service and a log book service have several distinctions. Let us now understand the difference between logbook services and a standard service.

Basic Service-

Changing oil and oil filters is considered an essential or minor service.

If the logbook service booklet does not cover the service, it is referred to as a basic service. It is essential to keep your car operating smoothly.

Most respectable experts will complete a full check on fluids, wipers and wiper blades, tires, lights, indicators, oil leaks, batteries, and suspension during the basic service.

Logbook Service-

Logbook services contain the same services as standard services. The distinction is that mechanics change components and fluids at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals rather than at conventional intervals.

A standard logbook service includes new oil filters and oil, as well as a thorough check. Depending on the mileage or time since the last service, mechanics may also update the air filters, spark plugs, brake and coolant fluid, and drivetrain components.


Car Logbook services are suitable for maintaining a vehicle’s health and usefulness. Delaying service dates is a mistake that increases the possibility of injury or repair expenses. If you’re still confused about logbook car servicing and looking for auto services, contact a professional automotive shop to give your vehicle the care it needs.

When visiting the automotive shops for logbook service, ask then what does log book service include. In most cases, the log book service providers deal in electrical & air-conditioning service, suspension service, log book servicing, engine fault diagnosis, transmission repairs, driveline repairs, cooling system repairs, transmission servicing, brakes, and fuel system repair for your vehicle. Select the automotive shop that offers you the best logbook service at an economical price.

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