September 27, 2022
What Is Included In Brake Service?
Car Brake Service

Most people don’t know how to maintain the car brake and What is Included in Brake Service? After reading this article you will know what is included in car brake service.

Brakes are arguably the most critical component of our vehicle. Still, people generally don’t care about them, but it is an essential part that fully covers and protects your vehicle and your loved ones. We can’t imagine a vehicle without brakes. Your car can’t do its job properly if the brakes are not working correctly. Repairing is the last thing you want to worry about when driving your vehicle.

A car’s brake system slows down or stops the vehicle by using a series of components that turn the kinetic energy of the moving object into heat by creating friction. The lack of a competent braking system in a vehicle would significantly increase the stopping distance, resulting in collisions. Consequently, a car’s braking system must always be in excellent condition.

Covering miles is not the only reason your brakes wear out; sometimes, driving habits can also be the reason. If you want to drive your car and halt it smoothly, it will not happen if your brakes are not in proper working condition. The lifespan of your car brakes is between 25,000 to 50,000 miles, and after 25,000 miles of driving, you must get the car brakes checked by an auto care expert or get it serviced if required.

Now the question is, what is included in brake service? Brake service includes many things, but before that, we must understand what brake servicing is. Let us quickly look at what brake servicing is and what it includes.

What is Brake Servicing?What is Brake Servicing

Your brakes use brake fluid and brake pads to work properly. The brake service involves inspecting all the parts in your car that helps your vehicle stop. With the help of an auto care service, you can find out what part of the brake needs repairing. Brake service means that a part of your brake is not working properly and needs attention. More driving, especially on rugged terrains, cause your brakes and their components to wear down. After this, you will notice your brakes are not working properly, and that’s when you need a car brake service.

What Does Standard Brake Service Include?

What Does Standard Brake Service Include

It appears that many drivers don’t give their brakes much thought until they start to have trouble stopping. By then, their brakes are so worn down that they have to pay for expensive brake repairs. As a responsible car owner, you must ensure that you visit trained brake repair professionals for your car’s regular maintenance. These professionals will provide you with the best brake service to elongate the life of your car brake. But what does a standard brake service include anyway?

Good brake service includes:

  • Resurfacing the rotors
  • Cleaning the brake parts
  • Replacing the brake pads
  • Replacing the old brake fluid with fresh fluid after flushing away the old fluid

Some important braking system components, like calipers, wheel cylinders, brake drums, parking brake cables, hoses, and hardware, are also checked during a brake service. All of this pretty much answers what is included in brake service.

What All Comes With A Brake Job?

What is a Brake Job

A typical brake job could involve several different things, depending on your requirements.

Resurfacing of the rotors, replacement of the front disc brake pads, drum resurfacing, and replacement of the rear drum brake shoes comprise the usual list. Inspecting the braking system for leaks or other issues, bleeding the brake lines, and adjusting the parking brake are some of the necessary steps in a brake job.

In a complete brake job or a car brake repair, the mechanic will do things like

  • Replacing any cracked or leaking hoses,
  • Servicing the wheel bearings on the select front-wheel drive and a majority of rear-wheel drive vehicles
  • Check the brake fluid and flush the brake fluid,
  • Examine and then adjust the parking brake,
  • Lubricate important regions with high-temperature brake lubricant, such as caliper slides and shoe pads.
  • Change the brake hardware when repairing brake pads,
  • Rebuild or replace a wheel cylinder or caliper that is leaking
  • Replace self-adjusters if they are corroded or frozen,
  • You need to Replace shoe retaining clips and return springs on drum brakes.
  • Replace any kinked, leaking, damaged, or severely corroded steel lines.

How Much Does It Cost To Service Your brakes?

person paying money to mechanic

Several factors come into play when calculating the brake servicing cost. The cost depends on your vehicle, the amount of wear and tear caused, how you drive and load the car, and the type of brake pads the vehicle is equipped with.

Brake pads can cost between $35 to $150, rotors cost between $30 to $75, and calipers are the most expensive part of the brake system when it comes to replacing. A single caliper can cost around $130. The labor charges can be between $150 to $200. The total amount to service your brakes can be somewhere between $300 to $800.

How Often Do Brakes Need To Be Serviced?

 How Often Do Brakes Need To Be Serviced?
Car manufacturers advise getting regular car brake inspections by an auto brake service provider either after reaching a level of mileage or at regular time intervals, as suggested by the logbook. Typically a car requires inspection every 5,000-7,000 miles or every 4-6 months, whichever comes first. Depending on the road and traffic you drive daily, you may need inspections more frequently.

Brakes also need to be inspected and serviced in any of the below-mentioned situations:

  • If they are not working correctly or the brake light on the dashboard keeps flashing, it takes longer for the brakes to respond.
  • When braking, it produces abnormal noises like squealing, scraping, grinding, vibrating, or shaking in the steering wheel.
  • You experience a burning smell while using the brakes.


Servicing your brakes is very important for both, you and your car. Let us recall what we have discussed till now.

What is included in brake service? typically involves:

  • Replace the old brake fluid with new fluid by flushing out the old.
  • Resurfacing rotors.
  • Replacing brake pads.
  • Cleaning braking parts.

The main point is you have to drive safely and smartly, and you shouldn’t Overspeed. You should not ignore the sound that your car makes when hitting the brakes. You should give it for inspection. When you feel that something is not “right,”  Driving smartly can save your life and the life of others behind the wheel.

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