March 24, 2022
What is meant by 4WD Service? Top 3 things to know about 4WD
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If you have been driving a four-wheel vehicle, and often drive off-road on rough terrain and tow a big load, then it is imperative to know that your car needs regular service. It is vital  to ensure that the vehicle keeps running efficiently. So, do not delay and take your vehicle for Car service in Adelaide. 

Here, let us understand all about 4WD Servicing and the top things to know about it.

What is 4WD?

4WD stands for “Four Wheel Drive”. All the cars are one of the four types of drivetrains: the front wheel, rear wheel, four wheels, and all-wheel drive. This classification means how your wheels work to provide power to the car.

Four-wheel drive is one of the most common and popular types of drivetrains. This type of drivetrain means that the engine offers the maximum capacity to each wheel when the car is driving.

Driving a four-wheel drive needs more fuel and power. While driving in rough terrain, it is preferred by drivers as it allows better control over the vehicle than other drivetrains.

What does ‘Service 4WD’ mean?

Vehicles having a four-wheel drive system have a light to indicate when there is an issue with the system. It is called “Service 4WD”. A code is generated in the computer’s memory that underlines a problem with this light turning on.

Problem with car

When your vehicle says “Service 4WD “, it means an issue with the 4WD system. Some people think that this message indicates that the car needs regular maintenance and tend to ignore it. But since there can be a significant problem, it must be diagnosed and treated by 4wd servicing mechanics.

Incomplete shift gear

Sometimes the light gets on due to the incomplete shift in gears. This may damage the engine, and the 4WD service light will keep flashing permanently. To prevent this, you need to shift completely before driving. If you have moved into gear, but the light is still on, you can visit 4wd service Adelaide to detect other issues such as transmission problems, etc.

Also, due to the incomplete shift when the driver transitions from 2WD to 4WD while driving the vehicle, significant damage is caused in the 4WD system. To avoid the damage, switch your gears only when you are not driving the car. It will create a smoother shift and low chances of engine damage.

Programming issue

In some cases, constant light on the 4WD option means system malfunction. This happens when the vehicle computer has a programming fault. You can figure out wrong alerts by keeping track of the timing of flashes. It will help you understand a mechanical problem in the car. However, the same must not be ignored as many times; these issues indicate other hidden problems in the car.

Four-wheel drive problems can be of two types. The first one is when it is not working, and the other one is when it doesn’t disengage. The former happens at an inconvenient time when a 4×4 can help you. The latter problem gets noticed when the mileage is reduced or you observe excessive tire wear. To prevent these problems, go to a 4wd specialist for service and maintenance.

What does 4WD Service include?

The Four Wheel Drive services include the following:

  • The repair of 4WD Control System
  • 4WD Hub Service
  • Checking and repairing the 4WD light
  • A complete and exhaustive inspection of 4WD
  • Servicing the 4WD indicator light on
  • Transfer Case Repair and Oil Service
  • Transfer Case draining and refilling with new fluid.
  • Front Differential draining and filling them with fresh fluid.
  • All other problems related to the 4WD

Top 3 Things to Know about Four-Wheel Drive

A four-wheel-drive vehicle has two or more axles. It provides power to the ends of four wheels. The 4WD vehicles also have a transfer case. This means that the rear and front shafts are locked when you start the four-wheel drive mode.

Here are the top three things you must know about Four-Wheel Drive

When do you need it?

Four-wheel drive is best for driving when the road offers you low traction. For example, if you want to drive a car in rough terrain, the road having snow, or want to take your vehicle off the road, then it is recommended that you drive on the four-wheel drive engagement.

Many modern vehicles engage four-wheel drive automatically when it senses these situations. Hence, the driver need not do anything to make it on. When one or more of the wheels start slipping due to low traction, the automatic system mode starts. While other vehicles offer you to manually turn on and off the four-wheel drive. Keep turning it on and off, as per your requirement to save fuel.

4WD v/s All-Wheel Drive – What’s the difference?

All the 4WD vehicles are not all-wheel drive vehicles. The driver needs to understand the difference between the two drivetrains. All-wheel drive is a drivetrain system with a differential between the front and rear driveshafts. All-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with slip-resistance technology. It works well on all kinds of surfaces.

Regarding the Four-wheel drive vehicles, they have a transfer case that is entirely different from the all-wheel differential.

What can be the Four-Wheel Drive problems?

Due to the heavy load on the four-wheel drive vehicles, sagging springs in the suspension are evident. These sagging springs can also cause chassis damage. When the four-wheel drive vehicle is driven off the road, rust often forms at the bottom of the door. 4WD vehicles need more maintenance than other vehicles as it has many additional parts like differentials, transfer case, and more. So, do ensure that your 4WD care happens frequently. The inspection will check for any cracks, dents, rust, etc., after the rough usage of the vehicle.

To Conclude

Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly convenient. It is best to use these vehicles when you drive on low traction and slippery roads. Just ensure to maintain the car well by taking it to car service Adelaide, to make sure that it runs efficiently and provides you driving pleasure.

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