December 15, 2021
Beat the heat in seconds by repairing your car AC from car service adelaide
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What’s your perfect summertime activity? It might be surfing, swimming, enjoying outdoor family gatherings, or a smoky barbeque session on a beach! So, whatever you’re up to, it showcases your zest for spending time outdoors, and you will love to cool down while embarking on the road for the execution of the aforementioned activities!

So, to safeguard yourself from the scorching heat of summer, your car’s ac must be functioning properly. A mishap that can ruin your entire summer trip is your ac is malfunctioning! Here comes the importance of car air conditioning repair.

With fruitful maintenance by the car ac specialists of Car Service Adelaide, you can beat the heat in seconds! Today’s article will discuss a few tips on maintaining your car’s ac, why car ac repair is essential, and how the technicians can help you!

Why do car air conditioning repair is necessary?

Regular car air conditioning servicing ensures its top running condition when you need it! Therefore, when you are searching for car ac repair near me, the search engine surely show Car Service Adelaide’s name on top of the search results!

AC repair, being the vital one, the car owners should consider servicing every few years. Here is how Car Service Adelaide performs car ac repair:

  • One of our veteran car ac specialists will connect the vehicle to a charging station in order to measure system pressures and start diagnosing the issue.
  • The refrigerant gas present in your car’s ac will be stored and extracted before removing the parts for cleaning or replacement.
  • The car’s whole ac system will be examined thoroughly to address any failed components and to verify if any car’s ac parts have been ruined because of contamination.
  • With the reassembling of the car’s ac system, the right amount of oil and refrigerant will be incorporated.

How to do car ac maintenance?

To better take care of your ac, car ac service by Car Service Adelaide can help maintain your car:

  • Clean the cabin filter

The HVAC or the cabin filter is situated behind the glove box, which can get grimy. The AC’s filter can get obstructed because of dirt and debris from the outside. If you can’t clean the cabin filter daily, mould and mildew can accumulate, ruining the cabin filter.

Also, it leads to a frowsy smell when your ac is operating. However, it’s easier to clean the AC filter utilising a brush. But it’s possible to clean the fins with this. For an optimum result, spraying a deodoriser before ac installation is great!

  • Perform yearly car ac servicing

It’s a top-notch idea to have your car’s AC system services once a year or, in some instances, twice a year! This is how car ac specialists can repair the low fluids issues, leaks, and other problems to safeguard you from driving around without air during the notorious temperature surges in the summertime.

Car Service Adelaide, being the best-in-class car air conditioning repair company, can do the following servicing:

  • The operation of thermostats and valves
  • Checking of air vent temperature
  • Adjustment of drive belts
  • Replacement or recycling of your operating gas
  • A leak test will be performed in the AC system
  • Examining the hose and its surrounding parts
  • AC system’s sanitisation
  • Get your car’s AC serviced

It is pretty obvious, but many people have the propensity to overlook the HVAC system’s condition. A lowered level of refrigerant gas or a clogged filter might unnecessarily put enormous pressure on an overworked system.

Therefore, it drastically reduces the cooling performance. Here, the professionals of Car Service Adelaide comes in handy as they service the major to minor issues of AC in a jiffy.

  • Clean the condenser

The condenser is situated right behind your car’s front bumper, and it’s made of aluminium line and fins, which allows the chilled and fresh air to enter. This fan aids the condenser in cooling the flowing refrigerant.

Also, you must make a habit of hosing down the condenser with low-pressured water. This would knock over the stuck leaves, dust, and debris, potentially impacting the AC’s cooling performance.


Heat is unavoidable, likewise the car air conditioning servicing! But you can beat the heat in seconds by repairing your car AC from Car Service Adelaide and enjoy fresh and chilled air instead of fretting about humidity. So, what are you thinking of? Bring your car to our garage for a complete car ac repair at a reasonable rate.






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